INCOMING, formed in 1994 by Gino Bartoli and Luciana Carbonara, offering a wide pop / international repertoire representing the evolution of a journey that highlights the common desire to seek different solutions and original than the standard.

It 's thanks to the deepening of other genres and varied rhythmic solutions, the Incoming try to join a solid foundation Pop, Soul, Rock, Chillout sounds, Lounge, Dance, House and Latin.

The repertoire consists of rearranged songs and often skillfully blended in medley able to make the show original, involving both the distracted public and the most demanding one.

The Incoming, thanks to their refined style, makes the event unique and engaging an audience who can not help but dance, sing and have fun in an atmosphere that only a careful selection of music may be able to create.

From 2002 to 2003 released two discs Dance: Let Go and Come Into My Life, labeled "Do it yourself" and take in the most popular charts dedicated to dance. In this project the artistic duo named L & L.

In 2007 the Incoming record a CD entitled “Thanks” with 8 timeless covers and 2 new tracks, "A Better Day" and "Let Me Go", arranged by Luigi Rana and Luigi Bartoli, with the lyrics written by Luciana Carbonara.

Currently the band is as follows:

Gino Bartoli: Lead Vocal, Keyboards/Programming
Luciana Carbonara: Lead Vocal
Piero: Elettric/Acoustic Guitars
Fabio Fox: Saxophone
Vito Giacovelli: Percussions

The synergy of this fusion of musicians, coming from different musical experiences, is very appreciated in all the best clubs and this is because the artistic life of Incoming is a world full of music ranging from collaborations, shows, the relationship with the audience and want to combine emotions and feelings in continuous evolution.

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